Fevr offers special WooCommerce support. It comes with 6 built-in layouts and has many other customizable features.

Fevr also extends WooCommerce with the wishlist and quickview functions available with themes optimized for e-commerce.

When using the add to cart function, the content of the shopping cart updates without reloading the page, and when the product is placed in the cart or added to the wishlist, the customer is notified via a toast message.

Besides the traditional WooCommerce functions, Fevr comes with a Collections function and an Photo review function (with automatic sending of coupons).


You can select between right or left sidebar layouts or no-sidebar layout. If you enable the sidebar, you can choose between several sidebar templates.

You can select a Fullwidth layout, in this instance the page will be displayed in full width.

You can also choose the number of columns you want your products to be displayed in. 2,3 or 4 columns.

Different box layouts are available:

Besides the default header cart style, a full width cart style is also available, in this situation products are displayed horizontally by clicking on the cart button, hence, for many products, the contents of the cart can be browsed more comfortably.

The cart icon can be added to the topbar as well — if a topbar is used — and also to the header menu.

Under the WooCommerce settings the zoom effect can be enabled/disabled, including the automatic gallery slideshow effect.


If we enable the collections module, the creation of Collections becomes available under the WooCommerce settings. You can choose arbitrary products which will appear on a separate archive page.

You can use the default page or you can select a existing page as well. In the latter case, for each page you can make use of the available extra settings options (video, paralax header, header slider, etc..).

Of course, you can set a custom sidebar style (left/right/none), fullwidth layout and custom slug for the collections; this will be the title of the archive page and the slug prefix of the single pages (default: collections).

On the Collection archive page the collections will be displayed in masonry layout.

Photo Review

There is a possibility to accept Photo reviews from customers. This is an entirely new type of review, whereby users can not only rate the product, but they can also create an photo review.

The Photo review allows customers to send a photo feedback with a description of the product. This feedback is an excellent opportunity to create user- generated content, which is useful not only from an SEO perspective, but it can be an extremely useful platform for both users and operators, which will ultimately lead to more sales.

Rating can be disabled/enabled during reviews.

Reviews can be seen by visitors only following moderation. The administrator will receive an admin notice on the administrator pane any time a new review is submitted.

Under the settings menu (Theme Options > WooCommerce > Photo review) you can set a pre-generated coupon which will be automatically sent to the customer via e-mail when the administrator approves the review. The coupon sending function has been fully integrated, thus, the template, subject, etc. of the notification e-mail can be found and edited in the native templates of WooCommerce.

Facebook integration

You can easily create a Shop tab on your Facebook page. To enable Facebook compatibility mode you need to add an extra “headless” parameter to your site’s URL, eg: https://yoursite.com/shop/?headless=1.

Of course you can use any custom page as Facebook Tab homepage, eg: https://yoursite.com/my-facebook-home-page?headless=1

You can also set a separate menu for your Facebook shop tab.