In Fevr there are 19 shortcodes for WooCommerce. With these shortcodes you can display products or collections anywhere, in different style on your page.

Extended WooCommerce Shortcodes

Product Carousel

Product carousel is available for the following shortcodes: Recent Products, Featured products, Products, Product Category, Sale Products, Best Selling Products and Top Rated Products

You can set Product Carousel on the Carousel tab:


You enable prev/next arrows for the carousel.


You can enable dots at the bottom, for navigation between slides.


With this option you can set the carousel to infinite.


You can enable autoplay for the carousel.

Autoplay Timeout

If the autoplay option is enabled you can set a timeout for it (in milliseconds)

Pause Autoplay on Hower

With this option the carousel will be paused when the visitor move the mouse over the carousel.

Full height

If this option is enabled the carousel height will be set equal to the window’s height.

Margin Between Items

You can specify an optional custom margin between items (in pixels)

Transation Type

You can choose an effect to change slides: Slide, Fade Out or FlipInX


To get a responsive slider you can define different item count for different sizes.

Product Animation

You can set display animation for products. There are 7 different animations, see examples here

Product Box Style

Fevr comes with 6 different product box styles. You can override here the default style.