With Collections you can choose arbitrary products which will appear on a separate archive page. It can be useful if you would like to create collections which contains products from more than one category.

See examples here: http://fevr.luvthemes.com/main/collections/

Manage Collections

You can create new Collections in WooCommerce > Products > Collections.

You can manage products with drag & drop collection editor

Customize Archive Page


You can select between right or left sidebar layouts or no-sidebar layout. If you enable the sidebar, you can choose between several sidebar templates. You can hide sidebar for single pages only.

Fullwidth Layout

Enable if you would like the archive page in full width. If disabled the page will be placed in a grid of a specific width.

Page to Display Collections Archive

You can create a new page, on which you can set a custom header and content. In this case, on the archive page the set custom header and custom content will appear above the items.

Custom Collections Slug

Here you can change the custom slug of the review. The default is currently set to “collections” (http://yoursite.com/collections/).


You can set how many columns should the photo reviews archive page be divided into.

Masonry Hover Style

In what style should the masonry’s appearance be. You can choose the following styles:

  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Title from Bottom
  • Title from Left
  • Solid Border
  • Dark Gradient
  • Box Shadow
  • Box Border
  • Shine Effect
  • Color Overlay
  • Color Overlay with Text

Visible Content on Archive

Please select the data you want to be displayed. You can choose Title or Title & Excerpt


You can enable breadcrumbs for shop pages. Breadcrumbs will appear at the top of the page, so the visitor can easily navigate.

Item display animation

You can set display animation for products on the archive page. There are 7 different animations, see examples here


You can set the pagination to Standard, Prev/Next Links or Infinite Scroll

Hide Previous/Next Links on Single Page

With this option you can hide the Prev/Next links on the single pages.

Previous/Next Links Position on Single Page

You can select where should the pagination links appear on single page. You can set Header or Under Content.

Hide Share/Like Icons on Single Page

With this option you can disable Like and Share buttons on the single pages