In this section you can enable/disable widgets built into the widget menu, and also manage custom widget areas.

Available built-in widgets:

Twitter Widget
With the help of the Twitter Widget you can easily embed a Twitter feed into the website. To activate the widget simply drag it into the selected sidebar, then provide the API key/secret and the generated access token. Following this, provide (without the @ prefix) the username associated with the feed. The widget — having regard to the Twitter API limits and performance — has a built-in cache, thus, the feed is refreshed only once every minute.

Flickr Widget
With the help of the Flickr Widget you can embed the pictures of a user into the page. To do this, you only have to add a widget to the selected sidebar, provide the username that you want to embed and the API key.

For a better performance the Flickr Widget uses JSON API, thus, it does not overload the server.

Instagram Widget
It is sufficient to add the Instagram widget to the selected sidebar, to provide the client id, the API key and the user id that you want to display. Similarly to the Flickr widget, the Instagram widget uses JSON API, avoiding unnecessary requests.

Text Box Widget
Extended text widget with shortcode functionality.