Slider settings

Custom or full height can be set.

You can select the transition type (slide/fadOut/flipInX).

The parallax effect can be enabled as well.

You can set the slider to be infinite, whether to contain dots navigation or page navigation, whether to use lazy-load and whether to start automatically.

Slide settings

Image slide

An image can be provided which will be displayed on the given slides. 19 pre-generated CSS3 filters may be used on the images.

A transparent overlay also can be set. This can be useful if you would like to display some text on a colorful image.

Layers can be enabled and you can upload multi-layered images, which will appear on the background. These layers will move slightly with the moving of your mouse or on mobile devices with the moving of the device, allowing you to give your background a spectacular effect.

For each slide you can set a skin, which can be dark/light/default, based on this, when sliding, provided that the header is transparent, the logo and the menu adapts to the color scheme of the slide.

The content alignment can be set to left, right or center.

On a given slide, we can enable the display of a mouse icon, which when clicked on, will enable the browser to scroll directly to the content.

The text and color of the slide header and caption can be provided; you can also provide custom content or set a link for the slide.

There are 5 different animation for displaying Heading and caption.

You also can specify Slide Content for more complex content than a simple header and caption.

Video slide

When creating a video slide you can provide an embedded code or you can upload mp4 and/or ogv video formats.