You can set how many columns should the search page be divided into.

Equal Height Columns

You can enable this option if you would like equal height columns for the search results.

Number of results

By default the search page displays 12 results, however you can set a custom number here.

Search Filter

Enable for a filter above the search. With this option the user can choose on what pages to search. You can use it for any post types, eg: post, page, attachment, portfolio, product, collections.

Search Tips

If you enable this option it will shows “Did you mean” recommendations for search if there is any available tip for mistyped search phrases.

For example if you have a Woo Ninja product it will show search tip (Woo Ninja) for mistyped Woo Nijna

Hide Post Type

With this option you can hide the tag with the post type on the search results page.