Settings related to the Portfolio can be found here. You can set the Portfolio appearance and functionality for archive and single pages as well.

Sidebar Layout

The following layout options are available for the sidebar:

  • left sidebar
  • right sidebar
  • no sidebar.

If you select the left/right layout, you can then select which of the widget areas you want to display in the sidebar.

Also, you have the option of hiding the sidebar for single pages, thus, this will appear only on the archive page.

You can set the portfolio to be displayed in full-width layout or you can use the default layout.

Masonry Style

The Masonry layout can be standard, or meta overlay.

Meta overlay

For the Meta overlay you can select which meta data (title, date, category, excerpt) to display and which of the 9 built-in effects should display the meta data in case of a hover event.

You can set extra padding between the displayable elements, or you can totally disable gutter.

You can enable Rounded Corners and Box Shadow for the items.

You can enable Automatic Title Color, it will give text on images a light/dark color.

You can also enable Auto Metro Layout which option will automatically overwrite the project masonry size settings (wide/tall/wide-tall/normal).

Automatic, category based masonry filter can be set, background color for filter (Accent color 2) can also be set.

You can set the page to crop images, in this case all images will have the same size.

Other Settings

There are 7 available Item Display Animations. If you choose an animation the items will appear with the selected animation.


Standard Pagination:
prev/next links with numbers

Prev/Next links:
prev/next links only

Infinite Scroll
With infinite scroll option you can create endless pages. WordPress will pre-fetch the next page and append the content to bottom of the current page.

You can hide some parts on single pages:

  • Hide Previous/Next Links on Single Page
  • Hide Author’s Bio on Single Page
  • Hide Main Element on Single Page (Eg. featured image, audio player, video, gallery)
  • Disable Comments Feature
  • Hide Share Icons on Single Page

You can also hide some parts on single- and archive page or on both:

  • Hide Categories
  • Hide Tags
  • Hide Date
  • Hide Comments
  • Hide Author
  • Hide Likes