Optimize Images
If you enable this option WordPress will optimize the images during the upload using the Luvthemes Image Optimization API service (This option will work only if you activated your copy).

If InstantClick option is enabled Fevr will preload pages if the user hovered (our touched) a link. This option can speed up the on-site navigation and improve the user experience.

Lazy Load
If you enable lazy load images all image which handled by WordPress will be loaded only when they are in viewport. It can boost your site’s performance.

Dynamic Inline CSS
Enable if you would like to print the dynamic css into the head, instead of a seperated CSS file.

Remove Inline Style
With this option you can remove all 3rd party generated inline style=”” attribute from them DOM. Fevr never uses inline style attributes.

Scripts in Footer
Enable if you would like to move all javascript to the footer.

Merge Scripts
This option is available if Scripts to Footer option is enabled. If you enable this function all scripts will be merged to reduce the number of HTML requests

Merge Styles
Merge CSS files to reduce number of HTML requests

Normalize Static Resources
Remove unnecessary query string from CSS, JS and image files, eg: ?ver=4.5.2 from CSS and JS files.

Defer footer scripts
Enable if you would like to defer all scripts what are located in the footer.

Defer Google Fonts
You can defer Google Fonts loading.

Smart Iconset Loading
If this option is enabled Fevr will load iconsets only if they are used on the current page.


Fevr comes a built-in CDN support. You can specify a hostname what will be use for static resources. If you have very heavy traffic you can set 3 different hosts for CSS/fonts, Javascripts and for media files (videos, images).

You can turn off CDN for SSL or set different hostnames for SSL version of your site.

There is a built-in MAXCDN support. If you set your API details for MAXCDN you can easily purge the CDN from WordPress.