You can customize the look of your every Posts/Pages. You can override the global settings here (eg: header transparency, colors, title, etc.)

  • Appearance

    Hide Title
    With this option you can completely hide the title of the page.

    Header Slider
    You can choose a previously made Luv Slider to show as header slider.

    Header Skin
    If a transparent header is set, the header skin will influence the color of the logo and the menu.

    Transparent Header
    Setting the transparency of the header. The global settings can be overwritten, therefore you can decide on every page whether the header should be transparent or not.

    Navigation Borders
    Setting the border visibility of the navigation. The global settings can be overwritten, therefore, on every page you can decide whether the navigation should be with border or not.

    Enable if for a transparent layer above the image/video. You can set the color and the opacity of the overlay.

    Display Effect
    You can choose a display effect for the title.

    Text Alignment
    You can align the header to left, right or center.

  • Background

    You can choose 3 types of background: image, gradient or video

    Image Background
    You can choose an image which will shown as header background image. For best results it is recommended to upload an image with the width of 1800px and the height of 400px. A larger size image can influence the load time of the page.

    Gradient Background
    You can specify 2 colors for the gradient effect. You can also specify the direction of the gradient effect.

    Video Background
    You can specify an MP4 and/or an OGV file, or an embedded video for background.

    Parallax Header Style
    You can choose standard or zoom-out style for parallax effect.

    Several layers can be uploaded which will be moved by moving the mouse or the device.

  • Colors

    Header Background Color
    If you’re not using a picture, you can set a background color as fallback.

    Header Text Color
    You can set a custom color for the header title, subtitle and content

  • Sizing

    Custom Header Height
    You can set a full-height header or a specific header height. Please only provide the number, without the “px”. E.g.: 450. This setting operate will only if a background color exists or a background image is set.

    Custom Responsive Header Height
    You can set custom header height for smaller devices.

  • Title & Content

    You can set a custom header title, subtitle and content.

    You can also manage typography to override global settings: change font family, font-size, etc.

  • General Page Settings

    Hide Top Bar
    With this option you can overwrite the global settings and hide the top bar on the page.

    Hide Footer
    With this option you can overwrite the global settings and hide the footer completely on the page.

    Hide Widget Area
    With this option you can overwrite the global settings and hide the widget area on the page.

    Custom Navigation Menu
    With this option you can set a custom menu for the page. It is useful if you would like to create a one-page layout.