You can set the Header and Navigation appearance, set your site’s logo, enable Overlay- and/or Off Canvas Navigation and manage Social Media/search for header.


Header Style
There are two header styles available. The top header and the left header style.

Header Layouts
There are three other header layouts to choose from. Plus, the logo can be placed on the right (except for the centered logo).

The header search bar can be enabled/disabled and you can set the header to be transparent.

Additional Header Settings – Top header

Header Size
You can select the Full-width header or you can provide a custom height for the header.

Sticky Header
A shorter, sticky header can also be set, which will be displayed when scrolling, allowing more space on the page for useful content. You can set sticky header to always visible or only visible on scrolling up.

Header Skin
The default header skin operates in case of a transparent header. This setting can be overwritten separately on each page.

Transparent Header
If this option is active, by default the header will always be transparent. The setting can be overwritten on every page.

Additional Header Settings – Left header

Background Image
If you would like to set a background image for the left side navigation, you can here. If you want to set a color, select under the Colors menu.


Navigation Item Position
For the default and “under logo” layouts, you can set the position of the navigation item with respect to the position of the logo.

Mobile navigation
For devices with smaller displays, you can set the navigation to slide from top (default) or to slide from left.

Logo Settings

For image logo you can set a default logo, this logo will appear when the header is not transparent and when scrolling if the sticky header is not active.

You can set a dark/light logo, this one will appear if the transparent header is enabled, when the skin is set to Dark/Light. You can set the height of the default- and the shrinked logo (for sticky header)

If the Header layout is default you can position the logo on the right with the Logo on the Right option.

Overlay Navigation

The Overlay Navigation is a custom widget area, where you can register custom widgets, thus expanding the navigation possibilities.

There is an option to use Primary navigation instead of widget areas.

Off Canvas Navigation

The Off Canvas Navigation is a custom widget area, where you can register custom widgets, thus expanding the navigation possibilities.


Header Search
With this option you can show a search icon in the header.

Social Media
Enable this option if you would like social media icons in the header. After enabling, you will be able to choose the items you want to display, and you will be able to order the items as well.