In General Settings you can set the default behaviors (lightbox, scrolling, global button styles, etc.) and basic settings for the theme. You also can add tracking codes and custom CSS/scripts here

One Page Navigation

If you enable one page navigation the onpage links (eg: #about-us) will be animated. It is recommended to use for one-page sites.

Back to Top Button

Enable this option if you’d like a back to top button.

Smooth Scrolling

Enable this function if you’d like smooth scrolling and styled scrollbar.

Loading Animation

You can enable an animated icon while the page is loading. In some cases this can be useful to improve the user experience.

Global Button Settings

You can set the default button style globally for built in buttons, and the for the default button style. Of course you can add custom buttons with shortcodes.

Custom Footer HTML

You can use this option to insert your tracking code (e.g.: Google Analytics) to your site. Any HTML content can be added here.

HTML after <body>

You can use this option for tracking codes which should be placed right after the <body> tag (e.g.: Google Tag Manager). Please note that if you turn on Scripts to Footer option in Performance settings that will move <scripts> from here to the footer as well.

Custom CSS Code

With this option you can use any custom CSS code to customize the site. This CSS will be printed on each page in the <head> section.