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Update a WordPress Theme via FTP

Step 1 – Download and Install FileZilla

Go to the website and dowload the last version of FileZilla Client.

Install it.

Step 2 – FTP Account

Go to your Hosting Panel and find your FTP account. You need the username and the password.

Open FileZilla and click on File>Site Manager

Add the following details:

  • Host: usually is
  • Protocol: FTP or SFTP
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • User: your username
  • Password: your password

Click on Connect.

Now you have two boxes.

On the left you have your computer. Go to the folder with the last version of Fevr theme. It should be unzipped.
On the right you can see your hosting space. Go to the folder “…/”.

Now click with the right button of the mouse on the theme’s folder and click on Upload.



You can set how many columns should the search page be divided into.

Equal Height Columns

You can enable this option if you would like equal height columns for the search results.

Number of results

By default the search page displays 12 results, however you can set a custom number here.

Search Filter

Enable for a filter above the search. With this option the user can choose on what pages to search. You can use it for any post types, eg: post, page, attachment, portfolio, product, collections.

Search Tips

If you enable this option it will shows “Did you mean” recommendations for search if there is any available tip for mistyped search phrases.

For example if you have a Woo Ninja product it will show search tip (Woo Ninja) for mistyped Woo Nijna

Hide Post Type

With this option you can hide the tag with the post type on the search results page.


With unique whitelabel branding feature you can customize Fevr for your clients. You can change the Theme name, screenshot, theme author and description, build custom login page and hide development features without touching the core files.

After you set the theme details in Theme Options > Whitelabel, you can add the following line to the top of your wp-config.php:

define('FEVR_WHITELABEL', true);


It will hide Whitelabel settings screen and everything which belongs to Luvthemes or Fevr: Demo content, Setup, Feature request, Support tab on dashboard, Page Layout templates.

Page Layout Templates

With Page Layout Templates you can create awesome pages within 5 sec from premade layouts. After you picked the desired layout WordPress will open the new page in the editor so you can customize the content easily.

Page Settings

You can customize the look of your every Posts/Pages. You can override the global settings here (eg: header transparency, colors, title, etc.)

  • Appearance

    Hide Title
    With this option you can completely hide the title of the page.

    Header Slider
    You can choose a previously made Luv Slider to show as header slider.

    Header Skin
    If a transparent header is set, the header skin will influence the color of the logo and the menu.

    Transparent Header
    Setting the transparency of the header. The global settings can be overwritten, therefore you can decide on every page whether the header should be transparent or not.

    Navigation Borders
    Setting the border visibility of the navigation. The global settings can be overwritten, therefore, on every page you can decide whether the navigation should be with border or not.

    Enable if for a transparent layer above the image/video. You can set the color and the opacity of the overlay.

    Display Effect
    You can choose a display effect for the title.

    Text Alignment
    You can align the header to left, right or center.

  • Background

    You can choose 3 types of background: image, gradient or video

    Image Background
    You can choose an image which will shown as header background image. For best results it is recommended to upload an image with the width of 1800px and the height of 400px. A larger size image can influence the load time of the page.

    Gradient Background
    You can specify 2 colors for the gradient effect. You can also specify the direction of the gradient effect.

    Video Background
    You can specify an MP4 and/or an OGV file, or an embedded video for background.

    Parallax Header Style
    You can choose standard or zoom-out style for parallax effect.

    Several layers can be uploaded which will be moved by moving the mouse or the device.

  • Colors

    Header Background Color
    If you’re not using a picture, you can set a background color as fallback.

    Header Text Color
    You can set a custom color for the header title, subtitle and content

  • Sizing

    Custom Header Height
    You can set a full-height header or a specific header height. Please only provide the number, without the “px”. E.g.: 450. This setting operate will only if a background color exists or a background image is set.

    Custom Responsive Header Height
    You can set custom header height for smaller devices.

  • Title & Content

    You can set a custom header title, subtitle and content.

    You can also manage typography to override global settings: change font family, font-size, etc.

  • General Page Settings

    Hide Top Bar
    With this option you can overwrite the global settings and hide the top bar on the page.

    Hide Footer
    With this option you can overwrite the global settings and hide the footer completely on the page.

    Hide Widget Area
    With this option you can overwrite the global settings and hide the widget area on the page.

    Custom Navigation Menu
    With this option you can set a custom menu for the page. It is useful if you would like to create a one-page layout.

Image Optimizer

Fevr comes with a unique, built-in image optimizer. You can losslessly compress your JPEG and PNG images, and improve your site’s performance. This feature will be available only if you activated your copy.

You can optimize all of your images in Media > Image Optimizer

You can enable Image Optimization in Theme Settings > Performance to optimize images on the fly during the upload process.

You can optimize individually images on the attachment single view on backend as well: Media > Library > Pick an image. Find the Optimize Image button on the bottom of the image properties.

Social Media

You can set your social media URLs here. You can manage share buttons on pages here as well. The share buttons option can be enabled/disabled for each and every post type.

You can enable Facebook comments, in this case WordPress will use Facebook Comments instead of WordPress default comments system.

If you would like to use the Facebook comment ability it recommended to set a Facebook App ID which belongs to you to be able to moderate the comments.

If you are using any Facebook related functionality (Facebook Shop Tab, Facebook comments, etc.) you can enqueue the Facebook SDK. If you are using a plugin which already enqueued the SDK you can disable this option.


With the help of the snippets you can create easily reusable page snippets, which can be inserted with the Snippet shortcode in any page or post. Of course. you can use shortcodes in the Snippets and you can even add more snippets to other snippets.


Slider settings

Custom or full height can be set.

You can select the transition type (slide/fadOut/flipInX).

The parallax effect can be enabled as well.

You can set the slider to be infinite, whether to contain dots navigation or page navigation, whether to use lazy-load and whether to start automatically.

Slide settings

Image slide

An image can be provided which will be displayed on the given slides. 19 pre-generated CSS3 filters may be used on the images.

A transparent overlay also can be set. This can be useful if you would like to display some text on a colorful image.

Layers can be enabled and you can upload multi-layered images, which will appear on the background. These layers will move slightly with the moving of your mouse or on mobile devices with the moving of the device, allowing you to give your background a spectacular effect.

For each slide you can set a skin, which can be dark/light/default, based on this, when sliding, provided that the header is transparent, the logo and the menu adapts to the color scheme of the slide.

The content alignment can be set to left, right or center.

On a given slide, we can enable the display of a mouse icon, which when clicked on, will enable the browser to scroll directly to the content.

The text and color of the slide header and caption can be provided; you can also provide custom content or set a link for the slide.

There are 5 different animation for displaying Heading and caption.

You also can specify Slide Content for more complex content than a simple header and caption.

Video slide

When creating a video slide you can provide an embedded code or you can upload mp4 and/or ogv video formats.

Portfolio Settings

Settings related to the Portfolio can be found here. You can set the Portfolio appearance and functionality for archive and single pages as well.

Sidebar Layout

The following layout options are available for the sidebar:

  • left sidebar
  • right sidebar
  • no sidebar.

If you select the left/right layout, you can then select which of the widget areas you want to display in the sidebar.

Also, you have the option of hiding the sidebar for single pages, thus, this will appear only on the archive page.

You can set the portfolio to be displayed in full-width layout or you can use the default layout.

Masonry Style

The Masonry layout can be standard, or meta overlay.

Meta overlay

For the Meta overlay you can select which meta data (title, date, category, excerpt) to display and which of the 9 built-in effects should display the meta data in case of a hover event.

You can set extra padding between the displayable elements, or you can totally disable gutter.

You can enable Rounded Corners and Box Shadow for the items.

You can enable Automatic Title Color, it will give text on images a light/dark color.

You can also enable Auto Metro Layout which option will automatically overwrite the project masonry size settings (wide/tall/wide-tall/normal).

Automatic, category based masonry filter can be set, background color for filter (Accent color 2) can also be set.

You can set the page to crop images, in this case all images will have the same size.

Other Settings

There are 7 available Item Display Animations. If you choose an animation the items will appear with the selected animation.


Standard Pagination:
prev/next links with numbers

Prev/Next links:
prev/next links only

Infinite Scroll
With infinite scroll option you can create endless pages. WordPress will pre-fetch the next page and append the content to bottom of the current page.

You can hide some parts on single pages:

  • Hide Previous/Next Links on Single Page
  • Hide Author’s Bio on Single Page
  • Hide Main Element on Single Page (Eg. featured image, audio player, video, gallery)
  • Disable Comments Feature
  • Hide Share Icons on Single Page

You can also hide some parts on single- and archive page or on both:

  • Hide Categories
  • Hide Tags
  • Hide Date
  • Hide Comments
  • Hide Author
  • Hide Likes
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