Fevr is a multipurpose WordPress theme. During development, in addition to providing a multiple features, we also strive to make this theme easy to use and to offer maximum customization.

Besides these, another highly important aspect was providing the best possible performance. Thus, with a proper server configuration even without cache a plugin, the page loads within 1s.

Thanks to the Fevr theme, you will no longer have to make any more compromises, because we paid special attention to the page to offer a satisfactory user experience in the browser. Thus, practically all animations and effects are pure CSS (except a few indispensable 3rd party libraries like the isotope masonry, fitvids and iLightBox). Unlike other WordPress themes containing similar effects and animations, Fevr offers a perfectly enjoyable browsing experience even on a low-end mobile phone.

Besides the above-mentioned aspects, it was our goal to create the most optimal source code from an SEO perspective, thus, the content/code ratio was developed to be the best.

Moreover, having regard to the guidelines of Google’s CSS delivery (https://developers.google.com/speed/docs/insights/OptimizeCSSDelivery) the page, despite its many customizable colors, sizes and other options, does not contain any inline style attributes. Plus, if enabled in the theme options (Theme Options > Tweaks > Remove inline styles), the theme automatically integrates style attributes generated by 3rd party plugins into the header section*.

*except those cases in which this causes known issues because some javascripts need the attributes provided in the style, e.g. audio shortcode